Whos better at danish…

…than people who is born and lives in Denmark?

Below will you find the three primary services that we offer.

There is a couple of things that you should expect, when you buy from us:

It will be proofread

It will be SEO optimized

It will be written by us, no software will be used

Get started for as little as $0.025 per word!


Do you need danish articles for your blog, for your newspage or just an article written on any subject. We have written about autos, medicine, nature, casino, adult, travel and farming.

We speak SEO fluently and are therefore familiar with keyword density and Google friendly language.


Danes spend more money per citizen on the internet than anyone. Is your website in danish? It doesn’t have to take more than a week to open your site to the danish people. We can translate directly in WordPress, in the HTML code, in CrowdIn or in a plain Word file, if thats what you prefer. We adjust tone and expression to your target group. 

market research

Do you need to know if the danish people would buy your product? Do you need to know how many [insert income, population, employees, businesses, etc] are in [insert industry, business, area, etc]?

It is easier to go in-depth if you speak the recipient’s or the interviewed persons’ language. Who you gonna call? (us!)

Our global clients

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