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A good SEO text – A copywriters view

So, what makes a good SEO text? How do you write an article that both gets loved by the visitors? This article will take the human approach to copywriting and will therefore completely avoid keyword analysis, titletags and anchortexts. I will publish another article that will take you through a proper SEO article, from a Google standpoint, soon.

Read on – it takes a few minutes, and if you are in a hurry, just read the headlines.

  1. A good SEO text is written in the customers’ language

So, you work with farming machines everyday. You sell them, repair and live and breathe these products. But, what do you think will happen, when you start writing content on your website, using your slang and abbreviations?

Write in the customers’ language. Call a wire a wire, even though you know better.

This is one of the most basics principles of effective content that should drive sales. It seems obvious, right? When you need an attorney, you don’t want them to hit you with a storm of technical language, just to appear smart?

It has been proven, SEO and sales wise, again and again that it is the businesses that have the guts to sit down, and write in (perhaps) simple terms that wins the customers. It is the copywriter’s most important job to understand a topic, do the research and then translate it to a language that the end customers will understand and reach upon.

  1. A good SEO text contains no spelling mistakes

You are the best in your field at whatever you do. No doubt. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail, when at work, is fantastic. And that should be reflected in your texts.

That means that you should read your content once or twice after finishing up, just to be sure the flow and punctuation is good enough. If you don’t, people will see you as unprofessional.

If your text contains no errors, no one will bat an eye. If your text contains several errors, people will notice and mark you as unprofessional. Though, if you use metaphors and a colorful language, then people will remember you.


  1. A good SEO text calls for action

Are you telling your readers what to do next?

If you are writing an article, it is important to tell them, what you want them to do next. A Call to Action of some sort. Should they write a comment, ask a question, sign up or buy a product?

If you know what situation the reader is currently in and you write our text based on that, then you can guide your visitor to the next logical step; that being either more information, a product review, a “place in basket” button or a contact form. The reader will follow the natural flow and continue in whatever direction you want the reader to go. The reader will be grateful and feel that “this article is actually written for me”.

You could also increase the number of people following your call to action by leaving out a piece of information, which the reader has to get in another article. This is a more provocative approach, because it encourages you to not be as thorough as you could be.

So, leaves some pointers out of the article and let them be answered in other articles.


That’s it! Go write awesome content!

If you feel like it, go write an article. But, if you want more input on how to write awesome content that both visitors and Google would love to read, then I recommend reading the other articles that I have coming up.

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